Ruchin Soni

Street Art. Murals. Paintings. Illustrations.

About Me

My artistic career began even as a toddler; encouraged by parents who are both traditional artists and who till date continue to create commissioned works for temples. My father's Guru L.C. Soni, an artist at the Maharaja's Palace in Bhuj, Whose works can still be seen at 'AAINA MAHEL' in Bhuj, Kutch, learnt the art of oil painting from a British Artist visiting India during the days of the British Raj.

This early exposure to the naturalistic style led me to develop my skills in portraiture and life study. I gained a formal education in painting and mural design at The Faculty of Fine Arts, Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda.

I have been consistently involved in various full time/ part time projects. Some require illustrations for children’s books and cd's as teaching aids for e-learning solutions, while others require planning and execution of a syllabi towards the creative development of school children. I have worked on commissioned projects including Portraits in pencil, watercolor and oil, Murals, Storyboards, Book illustrations, Logos and T-shirt designs. I have also been teaching drawing methodology for Design and Animation oriented Course Structures at Arena Multimedia and IILM Design School.

I have done freelance projects with Topper's Academy of Infotech, Baroda; Human Tatva, delhi; Indigo Airlines, Delhi; Quick Sand Designs, Gurgaon; Dusty Foot India Productions, delhi; Thinking Designs, Delhi; Art workshops with Flow India in Delhi, Developed art curriculum for class 4th, 5th, and 6th at Udavi School Auroville, Pondicherry; and many more...

I have also done Murals in Mexico City, Mexico;Bombay, Baroda, Delhi, Allahabad, and Auroville.

I have had a number of solo and group art exhibitions and have also received various awards, grants, scholarships and fellowships in the field of Art; the details of which can be found in my Resume and on the various links attached to my Blog.

I am always interested in giving myself challenging tasks, and look forward to exciting projects that stimulate the intellect and require skillful implementation.


Ruchin Soni.